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Missing Faberge Eggs: Jewels that were Lost to the World

The 8 eggs that were lost to the world Any history-loving, art buff knows the story of the missing Faberge eggs. In the days of their highest popularity, these eggs were the symbol of wealth and prosperity among the tsars of Russia. The fact that…

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Top 10 Faberge Egg Replicas that You Can Find on Amazon

Faberge Egg Replicas that You Can Afford Buying (on Amazon) Faberge has designed some of the most exquisite and valued works of art in the form of the Imperial Egg collection he created. These eggs are beloved by many because of their connection to both…

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How Can You Determine Faberge Egg Value?

Faberge Egg Value Rough Estimation The Faberge eggs have long been an essential and valuable part of Russian history. These eggs were designed by Carl Faberge, a renowned jewelry maker in the late 1800s in Russia. His work caught the attention of the Czar of…

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The Hen Egg: The Faberge Egg That Started It All

The Origins of the Hen Egg If you love all things related to art, or even if you’re a history buff. You’ve probably heard of the beautiful creations of Peter Carl Faberge. He created works of art that are both exquisitely designed and historically rich.…

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How the Faberge Imperial Eggs Gained Momentum to Become the Unique Artifact That Everyone Wants to Own

The Unique Artifact That Everyone Wants to Own Art is something that’s subjective, and for this reason, people find and enjoy it in many different forms. Whether that’s a painting, song or dance, art plays a big part in our culture today. Its presence can…

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